Hampi Warmi in France! MaMaste Festival (3,4,5 june 2016, Site de la Bastille de Grenoble)

We had the opportunity to participate in MaMaste Festival in France, the 1st Festival in France dedicated to pregnant women and parenting!

It happened in the Bastille at Grenoble (yes, inside an ancient historic place!) on the top of the mountain, with the warmth of coming Summertime already in the air. There were different conferences and ateliers (workshops) on issues around conscious pregnancy and parenting as yoga for pregnant women, perineum awareness, yoga for mother-baby & for father-baby!, pre-natal & family chant, breastfeeding, baby massage, baby-wearing, baby sign-language, how to respond to tantrums, among others.

There was also a round table at the beginning of the festival about the "birthing" of birthing homes (maisons de naissance) or birth centers in France. This "alternative" movement around birthing options is beginning to blossom in the country, and rapidly this year. Birthing centers have been inexistent before, but couples found their way to actively influence the National Council of Professional Midwives and the fruit is that there are 9 maisons de naissances to be opened soon this year (project approved only last November 2015, press release*); one opening in Grenoble (Isere), La Maison.

This is GREAT news!!

* Here is the press release (november 2015) for those of you reading French: http://www.ordre-sages-femmes.fr/actualites/maisons-de-naissance-neuf-structures-ouvriront-bientot-leurs-portes/