Parto Vertical con Adecuación Cultural en el Centro de Salud - Huancavelica Peru - Proyecto: avances & limitaciones

Establecimientos de Salud en Churcampa, Huancavelica (Collaborative Project between Salud Sin Limites NGO & others, in alliance with the Ministry of Health-run local health centers)
"Parto Vertical con Adecuación Vertical"

This Program recently (2015) won a WHO prize for best "maternal good practices" project in America

Although there are some advances regarding cultural respect and obstetric violence - this last so common in public health centers in rural areas in Peru - there are still some important limitations in the delivery of care regarding a safe and woman-baby centered approach to birth. Many basic birth practices still don't adhere to the midwifery model care. For example, in this "Vertical Births with Cultural Adaptation" (still 10% of all institutionalized births in the country) after the birth of the baby, the umbilical cord is immediately cut and after that the baby is unemotionally taken away for checking his weight and height in the same room, without having those crucial first moments of contact with her own mother.