Women's Workshop November 12, 13, 14 th 2010 (Lima, Peru)

For anyone of you beautiful women visiting Peru by November, you're welcome to attend this full weekend women's workshop/ retreat at Pakarii (Casa de Nacimiento, Lima, Peru), a workshop given by women for women to reconnect to our genuine feminine wisdom, our bodies, our cycles and our Woman's Medicine. Come join us!



We now live a time which is characterized by

constant changes in the cosmic, earthly, and personal levels.

Many of us women have forgotten the connection with our true feminine essence, with our bodies and cyclical processes, and with our

feminine power.

And many of us as at the same time feel a particular Calling as women.

It is for this reason that we dream to create spaces with women of all ages to Remember together and to recover the power over our bodies

and over our womanhood. We will find how to connect with the feminine force of our internal and external universes.

Feeling again that the fact of Being Woman and being in a woman's body is a Gift.

Explore, discover and remember

your Feminine Medicine in this gathering

designed from woman for woman


Cynthia Ingar M.A.

Feminist Medical Anthropologist (MA), Women's Health Educator, Doula, BA.

Reiki and Quantum Touch Therapist. KillaWarmi Project.




Dr. Angela Brocker

Director of Pakarii; doctor CPM 29140; gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics; family and natural medicine; therapies with plants, Bach flowers and Reiki.

* To save your spot (max. 13 participants) and for more info please contact: cynthiaingar@gmail.com

YOUR DONATIONS are very welcome!

Our project in this first phase depends on the kind donations of individuals around the world who believe in this dream of women around the world reclaiming their feminine power and autonomy again about their reproductive lives, especially those of vulnerable women as Andean women in Peru. Let's make a change together, one woman (or community...) at a time!
Urpiyay sonqoyay! 
Thank you from the deep of our hearts (translation from Quechua)

KillaWarmi Presentation

Recovering women's true feminine essence is the only thing that can genuinely bring sustainable “empowerment” back to women, as this has a direct effect on self-knowledge, more self-responsibility towards our bodies, self-love and self-esteem, which are the basic drivers to making and sustaining positive changes in women's reproductive health and lives. A viable way in which Andean women of rural Peru can successfully defend their real agency in reproductive health has to be sustained by the following conditions: to have a solid cultural identity, a local women's network that can support and empower each other and can advocate for the promotion and defense of women's health rights, and the access to unbiased information in reproductive health which is woman-centered.
Thus, Killa Warmi (Moon Woman in Quechua, Andean native language) Project was created for Andean women and girls of Peru, as part of the vision of Hampi Warmi (Woman Medicine in Quechua) non-profit. It is a reproductive health education project aimed to bring reproductive control back to women, focused in the reconnection with the sacredness of women's bodies, the wisdom and knowledge we have as women of our bodies and processes - just by living in them and being connected to our cycles - , the revaluing of our connection to Mother Earth as women, and the strengthening of local feminine support networks. All of these components are transversal to the workshops/ sharings/ women's circles on which the project is based, together with the project's strong focus in the revitalization of Andean local feminine medical knowledge, which is sustained by Andean community midwives whose knowledge is now at risk by the current politics of Peru in public reproductive health. 

Hampi Warmi also celebrates the cultural dialogue between Andean knowledge-wisdom and of other ancestral traditions that also honor women and feminine spirituality, such as the Native NorthAmerican peoples.  Hampi Warmi promotes and facilitates the sharing of this sacred wisdom to be given to women all over the world - regardless of religion, cultural background, or race - so that we can all Remember to live our feminine nature and bodies in a genuinely empowering and sacred way.

Hampi Warmi: “Awakening and strengthening Woman Medicine cross-culturally”

Main Goal

To improve Andean women's reproductive health and lives by empowering women and girls with knowledge and a healthier relationship to their bodies and processes, and by regaining individual responsibility in their reproductive life.