Women's Workshop November 12, 13, 14 th 2010 (Lima, Peru)

For anyone of you beautiful women visiting Peru by November, you're welcome to attend this full weekend women's workshop/ retreat at Pakarii (Casa de Nacimiento, Lima, Peru), a workshop given by women for women to reconnect to our genuine feminine wisdom, our bodies, our cycles and our Woman's Medicine. Come join us!



We now live a time which is characterized by

constant changes in the cosmic, earthly, and personal levels.

Many of us women have forgotten the connection with our true feminine essence, with our bodies and cyclical processes, and with our

feminine power.

And many of us as at the same time feel a particular Calling as women.

It is for this reason that we dream to create spaces with women of all ages to Remember together and to recover the power over our bodies

and over our womanhood. We will find how to connect with the feminine force of our internal and external universes.

Feeling again that the fact of Being Woman and being in a woman's body is a Gift.

Explore, discover and remember

your Feminine Medicine in this gathering

designed from woman for woman


Cynthia Ingar M.A.

Feminist Medical Anthropologist (MA), Women's Health Educator, Doula, BA.

Reiki and Quantum Touch Therapist. KillaWarmi Project.




Dr. Angela Brocker

Director of Pakarii; doctor CPM 29140; gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics; family and natural medicine; therapies with plants, Bach flowers and Reiki.

* To save your spot (max. 13 participants) and for more info please contact: cynthiaingar@gmail.com