More Activities 2012: Girls menstrual health education in Lima (Perú) schools, Indigenous Gathering (BC, Canada) & Women's Medicine Workshops (Mexico)

* Women's Medicine Workshop (May Lima,Perú) with Angela Brocker (one of my mentors) at Pakarii

Girls 5th Grade (June, 2012) Lima, Perú
* Girls Menstrual Health Education workshops (summer 2012), Lima - Perú: Girls 5th and 6th grade (see all with their Red Bracelets from the Red Thread dynamic) Cynthia & Mariana de la Puente (Yoga instructor and nutritionist)

* Participation in Lilloeet Indigenous Elder Gathering (BC, Canada, June 21-24): Grandmothers Ceremonies

* Woman's Medicine Sharing in: Cherryville, BC & Nelson, BC (June)

Mexico (November - December 2012)

Workshop San Cris, Luna Maya Casa de Partos: Gracias Cris otra vez por acogerme!
* Woman's Medicine Workshops (November 3-4 San Cristobal; Chiapas & December 8-9  Cholula, Puebla)

Workshop Cholula, Puebla

Workshops for Pregnant Women: "Pregnancy and Birth as a Rite of Passage: Entering the Threshold   of the Ukhu Pacha" (San Cristobal Chiapas, November: 3 workshops)
Womb Medicine Creation of one of the participants (Dynamic "Sacred Space, Power Space")


Woman's Medicine Workshops/ Retreats & more..         Summer 2013 (California & Oregon; BC, Canada): Bay Area, Los Angeles and Portland!

* Woman's Body, Feminine Medicine 4 day Retreat-Workshop (July 11-14) Portland, Oregon

Thank you beautiful women for this first amazing experience sharing a whole four day Intensive retreat (between 8-9 hours each day) and especially Kai, for putting all your energy in helping organize this!

"Birth as a Rite of Passage and sacred female blood: remembering from the Andean feminine medicine tradition" (2 hour workshop)
 at SQUATFest  Saturday August 2-4 at the historic Women's Building in San Francisco, California   

"SQUATFest was an innovative, accessible conference for birth workers of all varieties, organized by SQUAT Birth Journal at the historic Women’s Building in San Francisco. The event featured both seasoned elders and emerging voices from within the birthing community and aimed to blend the sacred, the shamanic, and evidence based aspects of midwifery as represented by the publication."

* Water Ceremonies in the Bay Area:

Women's Water Ceremony   Oakland  (Friday July 19th 6.30 pm)  Thank you Lisa Abregu for lending your house and inviting your sisters!

Yanantin Water Ceremony Berkeley  (Wednesday Aug 21st 6.30 pm) Thank you Lisa Carey for encouraging your Elder Women friends to participate in this Ceremony!

Sacred Water Ceremony * By voluntary donation

  Come join us to this Water Ceremony and pray together with YakuMama, Mother Water and reconnect with Her essence and feminine Medicine. Women and men are welcome, and encouraged to come with their mothers. This will be a sacred space for Healing and reConnection as daughters-mothers, sister-brothers, and sons-mothers - in communion with our waters and Pachamama Waters. Recognizing and connecting to the original Womb giver of all-Life. 
  Celebrating and bringing back the sacred yanantin (feminine & masculine union) in prayer and ceremony.

* Woman's Medicine 1 Full-day Workshops with Latina sisters (August 17 & 18) Los Angeles - at GraceFull Birthing Center

  • Andean Feminine Cosmovision and Woman's Medicine full-day workshop to reconnect with our Feminine Medicine and bodies (9 am - 6 pm)  
  • Birth and Pregnancy as a Rite of Passage: Entering the Threshold of the Ukhu Pacha (9am - 6pm)

Thank you all Latina women for sharing, and Elizabeth for offering your beautiful space at GraceFull Birth center! This was the first women's workshop to be held there so we feel honored to be able to hold ceremony there :)

                                               Storyteller Native American figure, GraceFull Birthing Center

* Lunapads meeting (Vancouver, BC Canada) June, 2013
Me as KillaWarmi Project had a meeting with Madeleine Shaw (co-founder Lunapads) at Vancouver to know each other and our work with girls & women. We soon were passionately sharing our visions and dreams, and had a great time together. She kindly donated KW 250 menstrual pads for girls thru Lunapads One4Her program - which found their way to Peru, being shipped to my friend Lisa's house at Berkeley and safely into my suitcase all the way to Lima, Peru! They will be given to Carhuaz Andean girls next school year 2014 as part of the menstrual health edu program KW will be giving :)