World Breastfeeding Week 2016: Hampi Warmi's Statement

Celebrating all mothers in their own paths around breastfeeding and nurturing their babies on this "World Breastfeeding Week" .. And celebrating especially those who have challenges around breastfeeding, but who still keep trying in their search to provide the best from themselves to their babies, despite little sleep, little rest (even less when it's not that easy) .. I can just be at awe at the acts of love that we as women are capable of giving .. Thanking the men too, those companions side by side these mothers. And thanking the grandmothers, including the ones who in their time of mothering didn't know of these options, honoring them for their support to their daughters that now are mothers and that want to breastfeed their babies. 
And please, please do not judge, even if you see a mother feeding her child with a bottle, you don't know for what this woman has been through, or if it is her "choice" at all .. but support her with your open heart. After all, the core is about Love-feeding really ..