Testimonials (in construction)

Sarah Tate (28 years, U.S.)

I worked intimately with Cynthia over the course of two weeks in the beautiful Andes mountains near Huaraz, Peru. Cynthia's teachings of the Women's Mysteries and Medicina Feminina are profound and transformational. Through meditations, visualizations, creating art and conversations we deeply explored the Women's Mysteries and healing of the Divine Feminine.
The most important lesson I took away from our work together is that healing the Divine Feminine starts with healing my own Divine Feminine self and Cynthia created this space for my own healing to take place.
Ending our sessions together, I felt inspired and energized to continue on my spiritual path to becoming a midwife.

Healing the Divine Feminine is necessary and there is much work to be done. Cynthia is one who has come to teach this medicine with her pure and open heart. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have received these teachings from Cynthia.