More Activities 2012: Girls menstrual health education in Lima (Perú) schools, Indigenous Gathering (BC, Canada) & Women's Medicine Workshops (Mexico)

* Women's Medicine Workshop (May Lima,Perú) with Angela Brocker (one of my mentors) at Pakarii

Girls 5th Grade (June, 2012) Lima, Perú
* Girls Menstrual Health Education workshops (summer 2012), Lima - Perú: Girls 5th and 6th grade (see all with their Red Bracelets from the Red Thread dynamic) Cynthia & Mariana de la Puente (Yoga instructor and nutritionist)

* Participation in Lilloeet Indigenous Elder Gathering (BC, Canada, June 21-24): Grandmothers Ceremonies

* Woman's Medicine Sharing in: Cherryville, BC & Nelson, BC (June)

Mexico (November - December 2012)

Workshop San Cris, Luna Maya Casa de Partos: Gracias Cris otra vez por acogerme!
* Woman's Medicine Workshops (November 3-4 San Cristobal; Chiapas & December 8-9  Cholula, Puebla)

Workshop Cholula, Puebla

Workshops for Pregnant Women: "Pregnancy and Birth as a Rite of Passage: Entering the Threshold   of the Ukhu Pacha" (San Cristobal Chiapas, November: 3 workshops)
Womb Medicine Creation of one of the participants (Dynamic "Sacred Space, Power Space")