Hampi Warmi Educators Network (Red de Educadoras Hampi Warmi) - You Can Become One!

This year 2016, in January, we started Hampi Warmi Educators Training Program, extending the vision of Hampi Warmi's woman-centered and intercultural education & provision of reproductive health. This program aims to have a community of committed health-care workers, women's health educators, social workers, and women in general interested in sharing with/ educating Peruvian girls and women particularly in rural areas - and with women worldwide. Thus, we started the "Hampi Warmi Educators Network" with our first-graduate, Derlly Baldera, Peruvian obstetra (professional biomedical midwife), from rural Lambayeque (Northern Coast-Andes) who sought our Menstrual Health Educator Training for Teens. After completing the 4 modules, with assigments in between (including own personal work as revising one's own menstrual herstory), she now provides this education to rural girls of Cachinche, Ferreñafe, in Lambayeque, from the platform of the Ministry of Health.

If you feel the call, please email us at cynthiaingar@gmail.com to become a Hampi Warmi Educator and share our woman wisdom to girls and women, wherever you are based, as we also provide an online training, with the same depth and richness. We now provide the "Menstrual Health and Sexual Education Program for Teens" and the "Menstrual Consciousness Program for Women" in this online format. Personal classes are given via Skype with sharing of educational documents & materials and email exchange for personal assignments.

* Note: Education fees (Hampi Warmi Institute certificate included) help support Hampi Warmi's free programs serving Andean girls & women of Peru since 2008.

(In construction ..)