LUNERAS Ecological Menstrual Cloth Pads

Toallitas Luneras! (Luneras pads) are pads for your Moontime, your menstruation, your sacred blood. They have been designed and created after years of personal research (9 years) trying different alternative cloth pads in South America and North America to find the most comfortable and practical design for your Moon. 
Toallitas Luneras! are a combination between the cloths that the Grandmothers used to use and the modern industrial pads with wings. They are 100% cotton, with a special cotton cloth which is super absorbent for the changeable pads (liners). 
These Toallitas de Luna have been created in the inspiration to support women as you in living a new relation with their sacred blood. 

Recommendation: Change the liners every 3 hours or depending on the quantity of your flow. Then, soak your sacred blood in a glass jar and offer it to Pachamama /Mother Earth and/or to your plants. Afterwards, wash your Luneras! pads with cold water and soap. (Washing them, in connection with Water is also part of the medicine..). 
Raising the prayer that these pads for your Moon accompany you in living your Feminine Medicine in this time!

*To be used alone or as a complement of the Moon Cup (if you already got one) for possible leaks and as it's good to let some days our sacred moon blood flow freely from our bodies 

** With the purchase of these Luneras! pads you support KillaWarmi Project, which provides reproductive health education to girls and women in the Peruvian Andes, and that reminds them to relate themselves with their blood and their cycles in a more possitive way and in connection to Pachamama. 1 kit that you buy 1 kit that goes for free to an Andean girl! Check:
Luneras! also celebrates Birth sacred blood, so we also have a special presentation for post-partum women and women with heavy flow on their Moontime.
Any doubt about your Moontime and in relation to the connection with your womb; therapies, Woman Medicine Workshops and First Moon Blessings for girls please email: 
Ancash, Peru