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* To all of you open and feeling to support Andean girls, women & midwifery/Woman's Medicine in Peru now you can do it easier through PayPal:

The Ohio State University Global Health Initiative volunteers in Peru (Shilla, 2014) donated:
- "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" (Judy Blume) in English & Spanish versions
- Reproductive health education materials
- Stencils and english edu materials for Shilla primary & secondary school; balls and ropes (Shilla school)
- Kale seeds (Women's Center community gardens)

Thank all of you for your hard work and for making possible KillaWarmi's first initiative of a women's community center in a rural area!

2014's education work in Shilla (Fall-Winter 2014) was made possible in great part by the generous donation of last October 2011 of midwife Julie Watson from New Zealand (and covered in part the menstrual pads donated to Andean girls and women 2011-2012). Her donation of 2010 made possible the workshops shared in Wiñaypaq intercultural school in Huandar Community in Sept/Oct 2010. Thank you for your ongoing support Julie!

Kate Grim-Feinberg (anthropologist, US) donated 4 books "Donde No Hay Doctor" (Where There Is No Doctor, Hesperian Foundation) last February 2011: 1 donated to the local health promoter of Pacca community and 1 to a local girl student who is applying to become a doctor so far. Thank you Kate!

Danette Condon and Shay Huffman (direct-entry midwives from West Virginia, US) donated a bunch of sanitizers and some clamps (donated to local midwife Leonie Lange who attends works in rural Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Cusco) in January 2010. Thank you medicine women!
* Sanitizers were donated to Shilla Health Center (Ministry of Health) and to the Women's Center of Shilla

Keri Zug's (midwife student, US) donation of 2010 made possible part of the work of the year 2011 in Pacca community with girls. Thank you Keri!