Upcoming Program with Andean girls 2017: Woman Medicine Guardians Initiative

Guardianas de Medicina Femenina

As part of the menstrual health education workshops with girls in schools of Andean communities, we will start in 2017 the "Guardianas de Medicina Femenina" (Woman Medicine Guardians) Program.

The sharing and practice of sacred ways around Andean Woman Medicine is weakening in Andean communities, because of complex socio-cultural processes happening in the last decades more strongly, including medicalization, more use of conventional health services for reproductive health, conventional education which denies and/or denigrates Andean knowledge systems, adoption of urban values by the younger generation, and alienation into the more Western dominant culture to have social acceptance. It's becoming less and less common that Grandmothers and mothers shared Andean sacred ways to their girls or that they are heard.

The sacredness of girls's and women's Moontime is now rarely taught, the practices are less practiced, and some none at all including Moon Retreats.

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