International Indigenous Leadership Gathering at Lillooet, BC (June 2012, June 2013)

I had the honor to participate in this International Indigenous Leadership Gathering at Lil'wat, St'át'imc Nation (British Columbia, Canada) for the 4th annual and 5th gathering (June 21-24, 2012; June 13-16, 2013). My partner offered me the gift to let me know about this Gathering happening every Summer Solstice and encouraged me to participate. I just had to check the web by April 2012 to decide that I had to go! Since then, I have kept the prayer to keep returning every year. Thanking all the Grandmothers, Grandfathers, and Community members for opening and sharing their land, food, Ceremonies, Prayers and love with everyone who feels called to this like me.

The Main purpose of the Gathering is to bring together sacred knowledge to be shared and for the healing of the people and Mother Earth.

The Gathering has brought together elders, ceremony keepers, and mandated leaders from the four directions including: Asia, Africa, the America’s (including the Arctic), Australia, & the South Pacific to discuss issues of common concern, based on territory, as well as visions for honoring our shared responsibilities. The four critical issues addressed include:
1) Sacred Knowledge- Embracing the guidance of our ancestors and elders, to live in balance.
2) Sacred Lands- Respecting the rhythms and warnings of Mother Earth to choose wisely.
3) Sacred Children- Nurturing the young ones, both near and far.
4) Sacred Generations- providing for future generations, the grandchildren and for all humanity.

Special thanks to Grandmother Christine for giving me a formal invitation to participate in coming Gatherings as a carrier of Andean tradition and values.

Urpiyay sonqoyay for making me feel truly at home, and Blessings to the St'át'imc Nation!

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