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Woman's Medicine Workshops & Retreats offered:

Woman's Body, Feminine Medicine Workshop-Retreat (4 full-days)

Andean Feminine Cosmovision and Woman's Medicine full-day workshop to reconnect with our Feminine Medicine and bodies (9 am to 6 pm)    

As Women we are called to Remember together and to recover the sacredness and power over our bodies, cycles and our womanhood. We will find how to connect with the feminine force within and without, with Mother Earth (Pachamama) and Grandmother Moon and Water (Yakumama), especially through our Womb Wisdom. We will navigate thru: Andean Feminine Cosmovision, Womb medicine, Yoni & womb ecology, Anatomy of Women's Wisdom, female fertility-creativity, sacred sexuality, healing our sister relations-wounds, rites of passage, and more .. in circle and in Ceremony 

Feeling again that the fact of Being Woman and being in a woman's body is a Gift and a source of Healing in our everyday lives.

* For women of all ages

Birth and Pregnancy as a Rite of Passage: Entering the Threshold of the Ukhu Pacha (full-day workshop)

Andean culture and wisdom offers a deep and honoring approach to women's bodies and reproductive health, including Birth. Birth is considered a Rite of Passage in itself, where one will no longer be the same. Pregnancy and birth is considered to be a chakana (bridge) into maternity and an entrance to another reality: The Ukhu Pacha (Within World/Reality), where one enters her darkness, her inner world - where she finds strength and Her Medicine. In this short workshop I will share part of this wisdom from the Andean tradition of my Grandmothers, including the sacredness of female blood (including birth blood) and rituals to honor the Mothers-to-be in their journey to these threshold around Birth.

* For pregnant women, mothers, doulas, midwives, women wanting to become pregnant, grandmothers and women called to delve in the mystery of Birth

Shared by Cynthia Ingar, from Peru, following the Woman and Womb Medicine sacred ways from the Andean and North Native American traditions.