An update on my holistic/autonomous midwifery studies

In 2019 I started a Holistic Midwifery education program (semi-distance) from Ancient Art Midiwfery Institute (AAMI, US) in order to have more tools and midwifery knowledge (including the clinical aspect) for Hampi Warmi's on-going dream of revitalizing Andean community midwifery - with support from the woman-centered & autonomous Wise Woman midwifery model of care. This may be the missing piece to having more chances on the sustainability of community midwifery in the Andes (including homebirth) and the cultural continuation of Andean midwifery. In gratitude to the donations that I received from friends and family on my 36th birthday in order to acccomplish these midwifery education dream (to complement my learning with precious Andean midwives during my young anthropologist years), and to the partial scholarship provided by AAMI, based on my active community work with Andean women throughout all these 15 years so far.